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Flower :D...sort of. by katoliver Flower :D...sort of. :iconkatoliver:katoliver 0 0 Image by katoliver Image :iconkatoliver:katoliver 0 0 Pretty lighthouse is pretty:D by katoliver Pretty lighthouse is pretty:D :iconkatoliver:katoliver 1 0 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 1 0 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 2 0 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 2 2 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 5 0 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 1 2 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 2 0 Scenery and Animals by katoliver Scenery and Animals :iconkatoliver:katoliver 0 0 this is so randomXD by katoliver this is so randomXD :iconkatoliver:katoliver 0 0


Bleach- Arrancar x reader - pocky game(Luppi)
His last name is Antenor....huh...didn't know that. But then again, I don't know anything :iconderpplz:
   You walked about the halls and spotted the one you were looking for. He was having a chat with Gin, apparently. You remembered Gin saying something about how he loved to talk with Luppi, although Luppi doesn't feel that way much to his dismay.
"Oi, Luppi... Got a sec?" You called the shorter male.
"Hmm? I guess I don't mind." He walked over to you, whispering, "I was trying t
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 23 2
Bleach-Arrancar x reader- pocky game (Stark)
ENJOY! waring: this one has Cursing in it. And the poor pocky didn't get used at all xD
"HEY. LILYNETTE!" you called out to her as she was walking down the halls.
"Hey,_________________! You just the gal I need. See this marker? Your gonna draw all over Starrk's wait, scratch that. Draw all over his body! Then, with your strength, we'll carry him over to the meeting room before the meeting starts! IT'S GONNA BE EPIC!"
"Um... sure. But after that, I got a bone to pick with him." you said
"OOHH! BURN! THIS IS SO GONNA SCREW HIM!" Ah, lilynette.  The classic troublemaker.
now, Your in Starrk's room feeling very mischievious. But that all went downwards when Lilynette undressed him, leaving his boxers on.
"What are you doing?!" you whispered to Lilynette.
"It's part of m
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 251 35
Bleach-Arrancar x reader-pocky game (Nnoitora)
You saw Nnoitora yelling and hitting Tesla, probably for nothing like always. But being the natural chauvinist he is, he hates you for being stronger than him. So you know exactly how to trick him.
"Hey, Nnoitora! Wanna upgrade your rank?" you smirked.
That immidiately got his attention. He stop hitting Tesla and walked over to you. You weren't really scared of him. The only thing that bothers you is his height. And of course, you just HAD to say it:
"how's the weather up there?" ....seriously?
Wrong move. He narrowed his eyes and started growling. You couldn't help but laugh at your cheesy, overrated joke. You then shove the box in front of his face.
"The hell is that?!" he yelled.
"Pocky. You win, we switch ranks. " you said
"And if I loose?"
"You do whatever I want for this whole week" you smirked again,
"And if I refuse?"
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 174 72
Shinigami x reader - Pocky game (Shinji)
Heya~ sorry for the wait minna!
"Who's there...oh, you." Shinji walked over to the rustling bushes in the park and saw Rangiku's face.
"No, it's _______!" She shoved you into his arms.
With your crush currently processing what just happened, Rangiku made a run for it. Shinji took a close look at you and saw the pocky. You smiled awkwardly and gave it to him, asking if he would play it with you.
"What for?" He asked.
"Because..." you couldn't give a good reason really.
"I get it... yo
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 128 17
Shinigami x reader - Pocky game (Ikkaku)
Ikkaku fans...this ones for you (  •ω•)~♥
       You found your favourite bald boy about to drink sake. Rangiku ran and stole the sake, gulped it all down and ran away. It was sudden and random, sure. But you knew she didn't want you to play with a drunken Ikkaku. So was thoughtful that she cares for you. But there were other ways of preventing him from drinkin- ...oh wait. 'She just wanted the sake for herself didn't s
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 98 10
Shinigami x reader-pocky game (Mayuri)
Gomen....if I freaked you out..
You entered Mayuri's lab by walking down a flight of staircases. You didn't know it was this deep underground. Oh thought of how he would react. Chills went down your spine but you loved him that way.
"What do you think you're doing here?" Mayuri's voice boomed.
"Mayu-chan, let's play pocky!" You said.
Mayuri sighed and came over. He wasn't happy one bit. With the sounds of tortured screaming coming from below (is there another hidden staircase below?) you knew he was in the middle of experimenting. The screaming then stopped.
"Where's Rangiku?" He asked.
You heard a yelp followed by someone running up the stairs. You sighed. That HAS to be Rangiku.
"Give me that." Mayuri took the box.
"E-eh? Do you know how to play this?"  You asked.
"It's one of those games where useless human teens stick it up their nose right? Or maybe a mini-dild
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 49 32
Shinigami x reader- Pocky game (Byakuya)
so many people love this guy...
You've did the math, Byakuya isn't so there's a 99% possibility that he wont slap you for this. What could go wrong right? Rangiku led you to his massive house through some secret entrance that the Shinigami Women's Association uses. The question is when and how did they put it there...anyways, she made you go on your own, knowing that your in his house and there's no way your sense of direction would guide you to an exit. You decided to wing it and follow your guts and try to find him...or a bathroom. Feeling under pressure makes you wanna pee, yes?
*Flush* you walked out of the bathroom and focused on finding an exit.
"This place is a maze! I wonder how Byaku makes his way around without getting lost?" you said to yourself.
"Why should you care?" a voice boomed from behind you. Feeling shocked you screamed, squat down and covered your ears. Then
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 370 58
Bleach-Arrancar x reader -Pocky game (Grimmjow)
Grimmjow's version (/ovo)/\(ovo\) high five!
You found Grimmjow sitting on a rock outside Las Noches drawing something in the sand with a long stick. You hid the box of pocky behind your back and walk towards him acting natural.
"Oi, Grimmy. Whatcha doing?" you said as normal as you could possibly sound
"Stop calling me Grimmy, woman. What does it look like I'm doing? I'm bored, that's what!"
"Good. Then I bet you wouldn't mind playing a game I have instore." You smirked
"If it's that 'prank Syazel' game again then no thanks." Grimmjow replied.
"Meh, no way! It's a new game. it's called 'pocky'." You gave the box of pocky to Grimmjow.
"Where did you get that?" He raised an eyebrow.
"Doesn't matter. Anyways, this is how you play: See this pocky stick? You bite this end of it and I bite the other. Then, we start eating the stick and whoever eats the most of the stick is the winner." You explained simply.
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 465 89
Bleach- Arrancar x reader-Pocky game (Ulquiorra)
Ulquiorra's version ...hehe :D
You found Ulquiorra at one of the windows. Staring out the window was how he spends his past time. You approached his like how you would normally approach him and tapped on his shoulder. He turned to see you and spotted the box in your hands.
"What's the box for,_________?" He asked.
"I was bored and thought if you could play a game with me." You answered him
"Ask someone else,_________. I'm busy." Pfft. yeah right.
"The others are busy...please~? for me?" you gave him the puppy eyes.
"Fine" he sighed.
You gave him a loving smile. You explained the rules to him and somehow, he doesn't seem bothered by it. You two started to bit each of its end and started eating it. Once you were closer, Ulquiorra sped up and kissed you immediately. You were kind of shocked by his actions but kissed back anyways. It was a loving kiss. Even if it wasn't rough and messy, it was making you melt. After awhile, he pulled back and sighed. Making
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 425 115
Shinigami x reader - Pocky game (Renji)
Sorry for the wait, guys...but I had too much to do this month. sorry it's short though...I apologise! :iconimsorryplz:
"I-I TAKE IT BACK! I DON'T WANNA DO IT!" you change your mind
Rangiku pushed you closer to the park in the world of the living. You saw Renji staring into space up on a tree. He heard your voice and turned around to see Rangiku pushing you, who was right now flushed red. Renji got down the tree and walked over to you.
"What the hell are you two doing?" he asked.
"__________ wants to play pocky with you!" Rangiku shoved you into Renji's arm
"No I don't! I take it back! I wanna go back to my internet!" You pleaded.
"What are you two talking about?" Renji was confused.
"C'mon ___________. Do it quickly and you can get back to your internet quickly!" Rangiku snap her hands.
You sighed and pull out a pocky from the box. As you explained the game to your crush, Rangiku decided to go sho
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 217 33
Shinigami x reader - pocky game (Hichigo)
For those crazy Hichigo fans! How's the new special characters? xD ....
         You found Ichigo sitting down on a bench at the park. You ran over to him with Rangiku behind you wearing a pink T-shirt saying 'I support _______-chan's LOVE!'. Ichigo eyes widen as you hold your ground in front of him. What scares him is that you were dead silent and you just stood there in his face.
"___________ what the hell?" Ichigo asked in a rather rude manor.
       You grabbed his head and with sudden realisation, Ichigo saw no one anymore. Yo
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 257 37
A Hollow Love (Hollow Ichigo x Reader)
A Hollow Love
(Hollow Ichigo x Reader)
(Author’s note:  This was a request from “Eeveelyn-Kiriuyy1321”.  Enjoy!)
His eyes were dark and malicious.  As he wiped the blood from his face, his smile broadened.  “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”
You thought for a moment.  You weren’t scared.  Actually…you weren’t feeling much of anything.  You glanced at the bloody Hollow carcass, trying to find some inkling of fear within you, but there was still nothing.  Your shrug caused the strange Hollow’s expression to change from sadistic to thoroughly amused.  “I don’t know.”
A chilling cackle echoed through the air, but you didn’t flinch.  In an instant, he was in front of you with his sword-tip pressed against the gap at the base of your throat.  The skin indented slightly, but it didn’t break.  The Hollow trailed it up and down y
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 299 46
The Hollow's Queen (Hollow Ichigo x Reader 2)
The Hollow’s Queen
(Hollow Ichigo x Reader 2)
(Here’s part two of my request from “awsome2121”!  I hope you all enjoy it :D!)
It had been months since you had seen that Hollow take over Ichigo’s body.  You stuck close to the Reaper, accompanying him on missions in hopes of seeing it again, but your patience was wearing thin.  You were beginning to doubt that the Hollow was still there.
         “Is something wrong, ______?”  Ichigo asked worriedly.  He watched you with a gentle expression You faked a smile and nodded.
“No.  I'm Fine.  Why?”
He shrugged.  “You’ve seemed…distant lately.”
“I’ve just got a lot on my mind…”  You muttered, hoping that Ichigo wouldn’t pursue the subject any further.  
“Like what?  You can tell me,” Ichigo said seriously.  You sighed, but before you could c
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 403 98
Female Danny Phantom Oc Maker V. 2 by Creators-Paradise Female Danny Phantom Oc Maker V. 2 :iconcreators-paradise:Creators-Paradise 31 0
Darth Maul x Reader: Not Morning Yet
You groaned, not knowing why you had woken up at such an hour. The only light that came through the window had a blue tone to it, the sun was so low under the horizon. Then you heard it, a sort of a grunting noise. It happened again after a pause or so, making you question it because of the animalistic sense of it.
Sitting up in bed with a huff, you figured that the likely origin of the noise had something to do with the vacant spot beside you. Combing the hair out of your face with a lazy effort from your fingers, you slide off the bed to find out where and what your tattooed companion was up to.
There, clear as day, though your vision was still sleepily hazy, was Darth Maul. He was performing some sort of upper body exercise, pretty sure that it was a pull-up or a chin-up, in the doorway to the bathroom. Watching his contracting back muscles would have been more on the arousing side, if not for your eyelids drooping shut.
Suddenly, Maul let go of the doorframe, dropping to a squat, s
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 53 5
Love Your Plushies (Darth Maul)
Taking a few more breaths to steady your beating heart, you paused started shutting off the game and console. Turning around to switch over the channel on the television, you jump back a little from a dark clothed figure sitting promptly on your couch. It did not take more than a second for you to recognize them as no one other than the red Zabrak, Darth Maul. You stare with both confusion and disbelief plastered across your face.
There is no way that a fictional character could appear in your house. It must have been those excessive extra few minutes of playing the Star Wars game on your Kinect. Thinking that you might as well see whether or not you had lost your marbles, you made your way to him. Slowly, you lifted up your hand toward his face until you poke his forehead with your index finger.
“You’re real!” You leap back and start jumping up and down repeatedly saying, “I knew it!” Spinning around to face him again with a wide grin plastered on your fa
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 61 10



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